How to Insert Artistic Text Effect Using Affinity Designer

To get started, you will just need to open a photo in Affinity Photo. However, you can do this in any photo editing app.

Text Effect on photo

Steps to Insert Banner With See Through Lettering:

Step 1 : Open Image

It helps to have a picture that has space for the text. This picture has the landscape on the bottom which is ideal to place the overlay on. 

Affinity Designer open image
Step 2 : Add Text

Insert text using the Artistic Text tool. The text should be thick for effect. I used Impact Normal.

Image with artistic text
Step 3 : Insert Rectangle

Insert a rectangle on a new layer and move the text layer to the top.
-Select rectangle and text and center.
-To make the text transparent, select the text, and set the Blend mode to Erase.

Image showing the layers panel in Affinity Designer
Step 4 : Change Color and Arrange Effect

Once done you're done, you can change the color and opacity of the rectangle.

For this image, I changed the color of the rectangle to match the metal of the observatory part.

Image of part of Arecibo Observatory

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