Blog Resources

There’re so many options to help you build your website. Here I’m listing the resources that, in my opinion, are easy to learn and affordable.

Most of these resources are free and provide excellent tutorials and support.

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    GoDaddy is an excellent choice for a domain name. I self recommend hosting with SiteGround.

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    Siteground my choice for web hosting.  It provides plenty of storage and you can have multiple websites on their platform.

    Siteground automatically installs and manages WordPress for your site. 

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    I used WordPress to create my website. There’s another version, "," which is a proprietary version that includes hosting. is the version that gives you complete control over managing and building your site. 

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    Beaverbuilder is a content management plug-in that allows you to create the layout of your site without the need to learn code.

    Using a site builder made it easy for me to build web my pages and posts without having to learn to code. 

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    After trying out several themes I chose GeneratePress because it was the one used by my web design course instructor.

    GeneratePress is advertised as, lightweight, stable and fast.

    It's free with limited customizing options.  Once I learned the technical aspect I purchased the premium version which more customization options. 

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    Proper grammar isn’t optional if you want to attract subscribers to your blog. I use Grammarly to help me proofread my blog before publishing.

    I decided to buy the premium version because it also checks for plagiarism.

    As with any other tool, nothing takes the place of reading your articles prior to publishing. I still find errors even after using the app but it does save some time. 

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    Mailchimp is a free email and marketing services. It's perfect when you're just starting.

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    Yoast SEO

    Once You have your site up and running, you need to promote it to get visitors. Yost is a plugin that helps you attract visitors. They walk you through step by step-by-step. If you're not interested in hiring an expert, this is the best plugin. 

  • MavroCreative BYO Website Graphic Designer Academy

    This course teaches everything you need to know to set up and design your website. Before taking this course, I was learning by trial and error. My only regret was not starting the course at the very beginning of my journey. 

  • Udemy

    I recommend Udemy because they often have great deals, and it doesn't require a subscription.

Affiliate Disclosure: I participate as an affiliate with some of the listed resources, which means that I get paid if you click on some of the links.