How to Customize Particle Backgrounds

This is on how to customize your Particle Backgrounds for special effects on rows.

You can customize the moving background effects by changing the parameters and images of the Ultimate Addons module in Beaver Builder.

Customization gives you the option to use any shape or image.

In this example, I added hearts to my hero image to celebrate Valentine's day.

background effects

Time Needed: Few minutes 5 minutes

Total Cost: 0

Things Needed ?

- A WordPress Website.
- Beaver builder plugin.
- UABB Plugin

Adding Custom Pariticle Background

1. Row Settings

Enable Particle Backgrounds -> Custom and follow the instructions.

Edit Row and add Particle Background
2. Style Your Background

Setup custom styling from the dropdowns and download your JSON code.
3. Paste Code in the Description

Copy your downloaded code in the description. 

Enter code in the descriptiion
4. Choose the Particle Type

Choose Image from the dropdown and add the image from your media library.

Attach particle image

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