How to Make a Creative Memories Digital Scrapbook Page

Creative Memories Digital Scrabook Layout

Here's the layout I created using digital papers and elements from my Creative Memories Independent Advisor store.

I use Affinity Designer to set up my layouts. You can use any graphic design or photo editing program.

1. Open a New Document

Create Digital Scrapbook Pages

Open a new document and enter the dimensions. Select 300 DPI resolution if you plan to print the pages.

For my page, I made it 12 by 12.

2. Add Digital Background

Add the digital background paper using the fill tool.

From the Context, select Fill -> Type: Bitmap.

From the Context, select Fill -> Type: Bitmap

3. Add Shapes

Add basic shapes.

Use the fill tool to fill the shapes with the digital papers of choice.

Add Shapes

4. Finish Layouts

Once you're done laying out the page, duplicate it and flip it for the facing page.

Get creative, this is one of many possible layouts.

Duplicated and rotated shape
Duplicated and rotated shape
Flip Layout for facing page

5. Finish Layouts With Elements

Flipped the pages again and added the elements.

Add Elements to Layout
Add Images and Elements

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