Template for Scrapbook Background Pages

Start a collection of background pages for your digital scrapbooks by making your background pages using a repeated pattern or background image. Here I’ll show you how I make my own and give you some technical tips using Affinity Designer.


Template for background pattern

Setup the document on a new file to create a 900 by 900 pixels artboard with a DPI of 300. Note that if you plan to upload the file as a background pattern, it’s crucial to have a higher DPI. Seventy-two pixels is adequate for viewing on a monitor.

For previewing the background pattern, make a second artboard that’s 3600 by 3600 px. For this demonstration, I’m just going with 72 px because I’m not printing or uploading to a service.


  • Select File > New
  • Check Create artboard that’s 900 by 900 px and click ok
  • DPI 300
  • Select the Artboard tool and place a second one that’s 3600 by 3600 px

Set it up on alongside the smaller artboard
For the sake of keeping organized, name your first artboard as “Swatch” and the second as “Page.”

background pages for your digital scrapbooks

Make Repeat Pattern Swatch

Click here to learn more about creating repeat patterns.

As a bonus, you can convert the pattern swatch into a Symbol. Turning the swatch into a symbol allows you to make changes to the elements in the Symbol and, at the same time to the seamless pattern on the scrapbook page.

Create the Symbol

Once you convert your swatch into a Symbol, you can change parts of your design without having to make a whole new page.

Select the swatch and turn it into a Symbol.

  • From the Symbols panel, click Create

To open the Symbols in the panel, go to View > Studio, click on  Studio to open the studio's panel.

By making the newly created square into a Symbol, you can edit it to change your page any time.

background pages for your digital scrapbooks

Power duplicate the swatch and tiler on to the page. For my page, I like to keep the background transparent and choose my color later.

background pages for your digital scrapbooks
Template for making background patterns for scrapbook

Once I have the page completed, I insert a background color. If I want to change any of the elements, I make the changes on the symbol and the update is automatic on my page.

background pages for your digital scrapbooks

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