Use Pattern Fills for Print Then Cut for Cricut

Pattern fills in Cricut Design Space are excellent for creating personalized designs for projects.

Here’s a short tutorial on uploading and using your fills in Design Space.

To get started, you'll need to upload your patterns to Design Space.

hearts background repeat pattern
1. Upload Fill Pattern

Start a new project 

  • Click Upload
  • Pattern Fill
Design Space upload
2. Upload File

Upload pattern swatch

Upload Pattern Swatch
3. Select Fill Print

On the Layers panel select the shape you want to fill with the pattern.

Be sure to select only the shape you want to fill with the pattern. 

Select Fill Print
4. Select the Uploaded Pattern

Click on pattern fill and edit if needed. 

Select Pattern Fill
5. Send file to Your Machine and Make It.

You have to resize the project to fit the printer. Another tip is to make sure the patterns are for print resolution. 

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